JeFfReY DaViD PeAk

March 10, 1990 - November 7, 2004

28th February 2012.


4 years on! In some respects it seems like it was only yesterday but in other respects it seems like ages. I well remember the day in 2008 though. Dull but dry, I was coming home passing a farm where some new lambs had been born and wondering if I could get you out of the house to go see them. I suspected nothing as you’d e-mailed me about 4.00… Then the world turned upside down…


Mel once said that tragedy re-writes your address book and how true that was…


It has been said, 'Time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Never a day goes by without me thinking of the two of you...

Miss You - Love You

The sad thing about pages like these is that there are only so many photographs to share. The number is finite. Time is frozen in photographs

To those of you who post messages - I have currently lost the facility to authorize or otherwise e-mail messages. Please accept my apologies and i'll try to get it sorted out. Frog - Who Let The Frogs Out.mp3

A Celebration of Life

A page dedicated to the celebration of the lives of Meredith and Jeffrey

Angels too soon

The old front page is available as a link above, and check out the other links too.....

This page is mainly for Mel as Jeff has much of the same stuff elsewhere in the site... 

Dedicated by Jamie to Mels PSP Group - a graphics group that she started a few years ago, shortly after Jeffrey died, and that is still going strong. Like life, it has had its ups and downs....many of the members were the original members all that time ago. {November 2009 Update - the Group is still going strong - Mel's artwork is continually being shared and her tutorials used - Mel's and Jeff's spirit lives on}

(Check out Jamie's musical talent) Both Mel and Jeff loved music of all sorts.




Jeffs Friends

Jeff made many many friends who have never forgotten him (nor Mel). Here are a couple of photos of a Pizza Night Mel had with his friends... The group Jeff met (Aces over Kings) at the pizza place never forgot him either.... In life Mel and Jeff left a "footprint" on our hearts


More friends....

..a couple more pictures of the Pizza night including Taryn, Jeff's "sister" posing; Cheryl on one of her visits; Taryn with her new born; Mel and Holly; Jeff's first girlfiend Ashlie, who still talks about him. Mind you Ashlie's father was a police officer (now inspector) - Good one Jeffie; and of course each other.....




Mels graphics group, continued after the original one was closed. We have many many good and supportive friends, many who have been members since the original "Mels" began...

Here are some of the graphics that Mel did intermixed with graphics that members have produced in commemoration of Mels Life... there are also one or two rememberances included....

There is no order or priority to any of these graphics 





Things I remember about Mel...

She had a sencse of humor that's for sure. She was always there for you when you needed a shoulder. I remember one day I was playing around with making tags and she emailed me back asking me if I could make her a tombstone tag.. She told me what she wanted on the tag which had to make me laugh. Tag attached with her saying on it. There was a time when we would joke around with each other calling each other a Biotch lol. This is why there’s a Yo Bitch tag included here.  Here are a few tags that I had made her. Still going thro’ my stuff will send more when I find them.



Ok I have thought so long about what Mel meant to me and she was simply one of the best friends and nicest people I ever knew. No matter what was happening in her world she always had time To listen with a sympathetic ear and send words of comfort.
I have missed her so much  since she is gone especially now since I have been sick. I will never forget her.
And Steve on another note you have been so great in all that has happened. Never doubt we love you  and we are so grateful to have Mels still open. I may not always  participate  but you guys have made me smile, laugh till I cried  and cry alongside  your problems. I am sorry I am not good with words but Mel is and will always be a friend in my heart never forgotten....
Hugs Birgit
This is SO Mel (says Pete)....
She was always there for you  no matter what was going on in her own world..... A true sister and friend............
My first stat attempt and really bad... But Mel sent words of encouragment... As she always would.......(Shown next)
Hey Sweetie!!!
Of course, I love this!!!  You did an awesome job!!!  I snagged it cuz I have a friend who's a POTTER FANATIC and she'll love it....  the frame is great and so is the background and graphic!!!  Great job!!
I'm doing ok - been sick with a sinus infection, now it's a really awful ear infection... ugh - no wonder babies cry so hard with them - they completely SUCK - worse than dental pain, that's for sure...  but I'll survive, lol
How's life on your end??
(((HUGS)))  Love ya Lady!  and so completely AWESOME to hear from you - I'm so backed up on email in the group - I'm on dial up so it takes ages to download and then reply - ugh...  what a whiner I am, huh?  LOL
xoxoxoxoxox Mel
Her tuts where so easy to understand... And she always took the time to help....
No matter how hard she tried to teach me this, I could never figure it out LOL then she would give up and just make the taggie for me cause I was a hopeless cause :)
Wow.. Where to start.... There are soooooo many...
It was Mel that encouraged me to not just create.. But to show what I created..Mel never hesitated in making someone feel good about themselves..
It was Mel who named me  GlitterGal and the groups GlitterQueen.. Lol  tho I have no clue why hehehehehe
Mel was alwayssss telling me... No Skye.. Ur NOTTTTT innocent... Pfffffffft lol.. Of course I'm innocent..
Oh and that wet noodle of Melsies... ** shudders **  that's some scarey stuff.. I was always hiding from that...ha.. And I wasn't the only 1 lol.
LOl it was our wonderful Melsie that gave Tarzan his purple glitter thong.. Before that he was just stuck with a plain itchy glitter one lol she sure did love her purples.
And while Melsie always had a good word for everyone... Pete I will never forget how proud of you she was... Ur  ability to quit smoking AND stick to it... And how she made sure all us members knew it. That and ur lil critters (( chipmunks I think? ) She kept that photo of u? (( feeding them )) circulating for weeks..I'd love to see it again.. I can sit here all day with lil things and little ways she showed she cared about us all.. But Pete those 2 things stick in my mind the most mate about the members.
The thing I have always admired about Melsie and will forever admire is her willingness to share all she had with us... She shared Jeff with us... And her love of him... She shared Steve with us.. I still remember that photo she took and shared of her **Steviekins** all dressed up in what looked like 20 layers of clothes for the snow.. She never kept her real life family separate from her online family like many of us do. No matter how she was feeling or what she was doing...she never made even one of us feel like just another member.. Each and everyone of us were her family.. Her dwarves and she made sure each and everyone of us KNEW it..
Love ya Melsie.. My sister Biotchy
I don't have anything Mel created and actually I didn't know her well as I was only a member for a few months when she died.   I do remember her wonderful sense of humor.  : )  We had a fun little argument about the NE Patriots and my lack of love for them.  : )
All my love to you, Steve.
And to all that loved her...
Miss you, my Angel.  All my love always from here to Heaven.
Well I have to say I would not know the stuff today that I know about PsP if Mel had not written me off group and told me how to go about finding tutorials and encouraging me not to give up.. I would open up PsP and think there is no way I am going to ever learn to do this.. Cause it sure looked greek to me at the time.. She told me it just takes time.. and time was something I had plenty of... I would see all the beautiful tags and things everyone was making and wish I could make things like that.. I got up this morning and I was sitting here thinking about her.. I thought maybe I will make some tags.. Then it struck me.. a tag kit.. that would be something that would be timeless.. and last forever.. And to see it used by others that have so much talent would make sure that her life was truly being celebrated.. So after all the tornado warnings and bad weather passed I sat down and started putting it together.. I truly wish I had more time to get to know her more. But I knew from her first email she was someone I truly wanted to know more....
I decided today to create a Tagger Kit in Celebration of Mels Life... I named it Mels Noodles.. to insure that It would be a unique name and She also used the phrase I'll hit you with a wet Noodle... So that is why I am just now getting it to the group.. I just finished it and uploaded for those who would like to snag it...Here is the link
So as we honor Mel today I want to also let you know that we do honor you and appreciate all that you have done to keep this group open.... I have left all psp groups except for this one and I just joined Dede's Tag group.. I just gave up trying to over come the little remarks being made.. So I just left all the other groups.. And we also honor an appreciate Mitzy and all the moderators that help you keep this group going.. And last but not least a big thank you to all the members for making Mels a wonderful group.. Cause with out supporting members a group can not survive... Thanks everyone.....
Mel always sent in the greatest instructions. Seemed she could find anything any of us ever needed.

Than you for giving us a loving place to be with so many friendships to have, There are just no words for the support that we all get here, You have truly honored your family by keeping their memory so strong. its an honor to be here.

I think I owe my life to Mel ...there was a time when I was down and out and something Mel said that turned me me to talk about my troubles....I wish so much I could have done the same for her......   
When she sent in the tube of the ostrich with the saddle and cowboy boots she thought no one would ever use it and I made the tag for her - it was February 2007

When I first was introduced to yahoo groups I joined Mel's... I had no idea about this world, psp and what stationery was LOL... I remember the fun in this group but also the caring for each other... I learned a lot and ended up making my own stats and tags, joined learning groups ..We both loved Purple.. a lot.... I even dyed my hair purle LOL....Mel always asked how I've been when I was quiet for a while.. when I got sick again I could not deal with all the mail but I never forgot the group... she was always a caring person and I loved the teasing and laughing, even when it was hard to do... I know she and Jeff are looking down on us and watch over steve and everybody else that loved them...  
Miss you Mel
I hope you are having a grand ole time with Jeff.
You'll never be forgotten
Mel and I were very close and she pulled me out of a few dark corners herself, too.  I have a lot of Mel in my memory. I can tell you that the type of person Mel was to everyone else, is shown through the actions of so many others that are in this group today.  I can't stress this enough. I mean, look around and see how people treat each other here, and I'm not the only person who has said that Mel's is not like any other group out there. We all admired Mel to the point that we conduct this group the exact way that she was and the way that she would have conducted the group.  It will always serve as a reminder of our friend.
Dear Mel - we remember you!
To my online friend  Mel

Somehow in this great big world
I found my way to your group Mel.
My friend you became across the computer lines
My heart, my soul, you touched by just beeing you.

With the mail you send my way.
You always maked me smile or cry.
You never fail to drop a line
Each and every day.

Whenever I have hurried home
With something, I must share.
I find it just so comforting
That you was always there.

Encouragement you gave me
And a friendship that was true.
I'm glad my soul while reaching out
Found someone like you..

I will never forget you my dear online friend.
Love from a Norwegian online friend






Here are some Tags and Mottos that Mel either made, liked or had made for apologies for content but please be aware, some may contain adult language......




Mel and Jeff both loved animals - here are some photos.....



"Princess" Abby

and many many birds

Some more pictures (above), Sammy after being "skunked" (Mel always thought Jeffrey was behind this); Hand reared starlings Heckle and Jeckyl (the latter later known as Rerun as he kept coming back after being set free; A Close-up of Molly; Pigeodo found wandering the streets of Ellensburg and rescued by Animal Control Officers; newer addition, Bear; and Sammy going for a ride....

and then, or course there is the wildlife around here.....

Many, many raptors including Bald Eagles, Deer and a Coyote in the snow

Misc Pix and info

Here is an assortment of pictures (with comments) on the way Mel and Jeff enjoyed life. This enjoyment, bloomed in Washington, and was tragically cut short but Jeff would want us to celebrate his life, his loves, as would Mel. Mel could find humour in most things as can be seen from the photos and memories she left behind...

Mel, Mom and Jeffrey in Florida, one of the few holidays we managed to have, Mel in a natural pose - makes a change she wasn't pulling a face, being a goofball at Niagra Falls; facepulling by the Yakima river here in town; Jeff smiling even in a formal pose.....(family photos are available on other pages)

.....Mels Bike, unfortunately she never really wanted to ride it after Jeff left us and it was sold later; Jeff enjoying his birthday; a flamingo in the snow; Mel at the natural monument on Canyon Road; Mel enjoying her birthday.....

...and again Mel - all smiles....


Just dropping a note to say hello -- thinking of you as the weekend approaches.  Hard to believe it has been a year..  i still miss her everyday!! 

And ending this page - a thought....